Welcome to Themedattraction.com.
We are a web site dedicated to the art of theme park attraction design.

We are unlike most other theme park sites around the web because we are not a rumor site. We don’t get attention by leaking information about new theme park attractions to the web. Rather, we focus on how theme park attractions are actually produced. We have a lot of credibility because we actually design theme park attractions ourselves! So here you have a rare opportunity to see behind the magic: To learn about the people who make it all happen, to make contact and meet us, to learn about how theme park rides are actually produced by the people who produce them.

We were started in 1996 by theme park design creative consultant Nate Naversen, who realized that there was simply no outlet for teaching the world the discipline of “imagineering”.  Themedattraction.com was born.

The themed entertainment industry was revolutionized by Walt Disney in 1955, and because of that our vocabulary and slant will always come from the source: Walt Disney and the original Disneyland. But you will find that we are not a Disney site. We are about great theme park attraction design, of which there are many great Disney theme park attractions.

Our goal is to have a site where theme park attraction ideas will continue to be discussed.  Our hope is that it will be a clearinghouse for all wonderful things related to themed entertainment design and Disney Imagineering.

We hope you learn a lot from this site and appreciate it as much as the hundreds of people who have contributed to it over the years. Thanks for visiting!

Our site has been bogged down for the last few years when we had a serious hacking issue with our message boards. Thankfully those issues are solved. With that said, in the coming months you will see an amazing transformation to this site. It will become better than it ever was.  Get ready!  In the mean time, we invite you to explore some of our amazing content on the topic of theme park imagineering.