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I have always had “ideas in my head” for themed attractions. But I have always struggled getting them out of my head and into a tangible form for others to see and evaluate. At 29, I am looking to totally change my career and pursue the themed industry. I have wanted to do this my whole life but I have always struggled to find the right approach to get into the business. With that said, I have a good friend who is a C.A.D drafter and he is willing to teach me the program. Do you think this is the right direction for me to go?


Steve Fenton

A. I’d say evaluate your talents as everyone has ideas but few can ever execute them and do so in a superior way. Ask yourself what the best way is for you to express your idea? Are you a good artist? Writer? Can you team up with someone to flesh out your early concepts. CAD drafting, is a good technique but is part of the execution. To express yourself and really convey ideas, think of the other areas that best suit your talents. i took set design, screenwriting and other story related courses. If you have a chance to learn something do it, it’ll always come in handy.”

Eddie Sotto

CEO Sotto Inc. Former Senior Vice President Walt Disney Imagineering

How do I put my ideas into tangible form?

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