The Waiting Game By Will Wiess

“We spent a whole afternoon and only rode two rides. I’m sure you can understand our disappointment.” “We paid close to $50 a person to wait in line for almost an hour…I plan to urge others to avoid it (the park) at all costs.” “I’m tired of waiting hours in line for just a 2 sec. ride.” If you’ve ever wondered how wait times are affecting the major theme parks, pay close attention to some of the complaints registered with With no existing research able to accurately monitor the impact, it is an issue long ignored by many...
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An Introduction to Themed Attraction Design: Defining Terms

An Introduction to Themed Attraction Design: Defining Terms The following is a general overview of the terms and terminology you will encounter as a theme park designer. The terms are a combination of those you will see in theater, engineering, theme park operations, architecture and more. A theme park designer must know all of these terms to be able to communicate effectively with the various disciplines involved in the design of theme park attractions. This is not a comprehensive list, but it is useful nonetheless. “Ride Vehicle” – The vehicle that guests board to experience an attraction. “E-Ticket” –...
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How to develop a theme from scratch using an image board

Blue Sky Theme Park Attraction Design Developing the theme for a new theme park attraction may seem like a simple task. Begin with a ride, a restaurant, a retail location or space. Then select from a library of themes and apply it like a template to the space. This thinking may appear to work in some cases. A pirate theme, jungle theme or a space theme comes to mind. But what about when the answer is not so obvious? The question, “What should it really look like?” is a question that every themed attraction designer must be able to...
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How do I make my theme park idea a reality?

Eddie – My name is Anthony Preston I have been reading about Eddie and he sound’s just like me. When I was 5 years old I took my first trip to Disney World. I really liked the first thing I saw, which was the Indiana Jones epic stunt spectacular. It really impressed me. I grew up going to Disney world alot, and I wanted to be a theme park owner. I have been working on theme park ideas since I was six. And now have a great plan. I want to create a theme park called ‘The Secret World’....
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How do I put my ideas into tangible form?

Eddie – I have always had “ideas in my head” for themed attractions. But I have always struggled getting them out of my head and into a tangible form for others to see and evaluate. At 29, I am looking to totally change my career and pursue the themed industry. I have wanted to do this my whole life but I have always struggled to find the right approach to get into the business. With that said, I have a good friend who is a C.A.D drafter and he is willing to teach me the program. Do you think...
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How is math used in Disney Imagineering?

Dear Eddie, I’ve wanted to become an Imagineer for as long as I can remember. I am doing a report for algebra class. We have to pick a job that we would like to have when we grow older and explain how math is used in that job. Can you please tell me from your standpoint how it is used and what type of math is used most commonly. Thank you in advance, Brendan Generelli Brendan – Well, depending on where you land at imagineering, math plays a crucial role in each area. In the engineering realm, everything from...
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Hall of Presidents:

Script from the original show, which ran from 1971 to 1993. Group: We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, ensure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America. Narrator: These immortal words when first they were written, proclaimed to the world an idea new among men. They expressed a shining wish for a better way of life. This was the American dream. But...
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Insights from Experts

The Coming Revolution in Themed Entertainment

A transcript of a speech by Bob Rogers at a forum on the future of themed entertainment From the IAAPA Tradeshow, Orlando, Florida 1997 Introduction Harrison “Buzz” Price Bob Rogers is a Renaissance man, a technology buff, and a great storyteller.  After leaving CalArts, he was an in-and-out man at Walt Disney Imagineering, working on Florida Disney attractions and Pavilions at EPCOT.   In 1981, looking for steadier employment, he founded BRC Imagination Arts; and his productions there have won him many prizes: Kennedy and Houston Space Centers, Spirit Lodge, Rainbow War, and Vancouver Expo where he stole the show. ...
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Walt Disney Imagineering Bio: Frank Thomas

Franklin Thomas (September 5, 1912, Fresno, California – September 8, 2004, Flintridge, California) was one of Walt Disney’s team of animators known as the Nine Old Men. He graduated from Stanford University, attended Chouinard Art Institute, then joined The Walt Disney Company on September 24, 1934 as employee number 224. There he animated dozens of feature films and shorts, and also was a member of the Dixieland band Firehouse Five Plus Two, playing the piano. His work in animated cartoon shorts included The Brave Little Tailor, in which he animated scenes of Mickey Mouse and the king; Mickey and...
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In-Pavement Fiber Optic Lighting

I am very interested in learning about the fiber-optic lighted pavement features at Epcot Center. Where can I get information about this type of light feature? I’d appreciate any help. Thanks – Joseph For any fiber optic application, there are basically three components: 1) The illuminator… this is the light source 2) The color wheel. This is a machine that rotates a colored gel in between the illuminator and the bundle of tubing. The color wheel is generally arranged so that two or possibly even three colors are lit at once. 3) The bundle of fiber optic tubing. The...
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“Earning My Ears”: How I got my first job with the Disney company

by Nate Naversen This is a story of how I got my first job with the Walt Disney company.  It’s a story of perseverance and how I managed to turn failure into success in my job search.  Now just for clarification’s sake I don’t consider myself any better or any more qualified than anyone else just because I was successful in getting hired by Disney.  Indeed, there are many more qualified candidates than I.  But I was probably more persistent than most, and that was what made the difference for me in this case.  It was a good lesson...
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How is a new themed attraction generated within the theme park industry?

The Central School of Speech and Drama, London by Lynsey Brown Introduction My college experience as a scenic constructor within the theatre industry has encouraged me to find out more about the theme park industry within my profession. I have always been excited and even amazed by theme parks and their attractions because they involve you in an environment that stimulates all your senses to achieve unbelievable experiences. I chose this area for my enquiry for I believe if you have a passion you should pursue it. It was important to find how my role of a scenic constructor...
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