Eddie –

Once an attraction is opened, who is responsible for the upkeep when problems arise? I would imagine (pardon the pun) that the Imagineers are not responsible for this and that there is a group of maintenance personnel on site for such occurrences as ride malfunctions or routine maintenance. What qualifications might these cast members have? I’m curious if maintenance of the attractions would require similar qualifications to those of an Imagineer. I’m sure there is a need for plumbers, electricians, mechanics. But what about programmers and engineers?

– Russell


This is a big issue for the folks who operate a park maintain it. The key is to recognize this and design with the ultimate maintenance in mind. Create things that can withstand the normal maintenance. Don’t force things into your show that are so intensive, you will be disappointed when they become exasperated and shut the effect that made your show cool…..off. The maintenance crews have to know how to maintain lights, effects, mechanical, animation, etc… It is a tough but rewarding job.

There are needs for all the disciplines you mentioned at most parks, they not Imagineers but you want them to take ownership in your vision, so their understanding of the vision is crucial.

– Eddie Sotto