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Do you have a question about themed entertainment design?   Feel free to ask it here.  We’ll answer back as soon as we can. As well, if you are an experienced professional in themed entertainment design and would like to help answer questions, we’d love to consider you as a moderator....
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Our Story

Welcome to We are a web site dedicated to the art of theme park attraction design. We are unlike most other theme park sites around the web because we are not a rumor site. We don’t get attention by leaking information about new theme park attractions to the web. Rather, we focus on how theme park attractions are actually produced. We have a lot of credibility because we actually design theme park attractions ourselves! So here you have a rare opportunity to see behind the magic: To learn about the people who make it all happen, to make...
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About Nate Naversen – Creative Consultant to the themed entertainment industry

Nate Naversen is a creative consultant to the themed entertainment industry. Nate got his start working on the “world famous” Jungle Cruise at Disneyland in California. He also worked on such famous attractions as the Haunted Mansion and Pirates of the Caribbean while interning with the Disneyland Engineering department. After graduating from the University of Colorado, Boulder, Nate made his way to Orlando, Florida to pursue his dream of becoming a theme park attraction designer. With all that experience working in theme park operations, the transition was easy to make. Early in his career, Nate worked with various theme...
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Welcome to

We are the world’s most comprehensive site dedicated to theme park design.  Started in 1995, we are one of the only places in the world where you can learn about theme park design.  What’s unique about this site is that it is produced and contributed to by people who actually design theme park attractions.  This is a rare look into a world sometimes known as “Imagineering.”...
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New Updates

Hey everyone – Nate here.   We’ve installed which will turn into a social networking site!  The same great content will be available, and more.  We will continue to be the worlds greatest insight into theme park imagineering.   You can start your profile and help the site become even better....
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