A Name To Remember

Last Sunday, San Diego 's star running back LaDainian Tomlinson was the AFC's Offensive Player of the Week for the second time in four games. He led the San Diego Chargers in scoring as they beat the Oakland Raiders 27-14. Tomlinson showed off his all-around skills with 140 yards rushing and 39 yards receiving.

Scoring wise, Tomlinson came out of the backfield to catch a touchdown pass from Drew Brees on the Chargers' second drive of the game. He then added a rushing touchdown later in the first quarter. But his biggest thrill came from his 4-yard touchdown pass to Justin Peelle late in the second quarter. That pass put him in the NFL record books. He is only the seventh player in NFL history to pull off the touchdown trifecta -- running, catching and throwing for a touchdown score in one game.

"We tried different ways to get him the ball," Charger's Coach Marty Schottenheimer said. "If you give him the ball enough times he's going to make plenty of yards."

Said Eric Allen, “He's proven once again that he's the most dominant player in the AFC as no one was able to keep up with him all day. You could see the Raiders' defensive coordinator Rob Ryan on the sideline jumping up and down in complete disgust at his defensive unit's mistakes.”

LaDanian Tomlinson put his name in the record books twice Sunday as he also extended his record for consecutive games with a running touchdown to 18, five more than the mark previously held by John Riggins and George Rogers. Truly, LaDanian Tomlinson's name will be remembered in history as one of the NFL's greatest among running backs.

In the Bible, there were a lot famous names that we know as well. They are famous names like Abraham, David, Paul, John, Luke and Isaiah. But there were also a lot of less memorable names like Bigvai, Azmaveth, Nebo, Lod and Zattu. Insignificant? Not in the slightest! All of these names were leaders of groups of people who came back into Israel from captivity in Babylon . These leaders had a very small part to play in History, but God thought it important enough to write their names down and mention them in the Bible. Every name has significance to God.

Sometimes in this world, it is easy to think that if you lack a recognizable name or if you don't get much notice, you lack value. The world will try to convince you that unless you are rich and successful with a name like Donald Trump, thin and beautiful with a name like Teri Hatcher, a star athlete with a name like LaDanian Tomlinson, or brilliant and famous with a name like Albert Einstein, you are not worth much in the world's eyes.

But God turns that idea on its head time and again in the Bible placing the importance on the small and the seemingly “unfamous” people like us. Larry King may not know you, but God not only knows you… He even calls you by name. The Bible says that God knows you personally. He knows every hair on your head. In Psalm 139 it says that he knows every thought before it even comes to your mind.

Remember that there is no one insignificant to God. You will probably never be in the Hall of Fame like LaDanian Tomlinson. And while the world may tell you that you are a failure because of your lack of “_____________”, God knows you, loves you, cares for you, and has a special place for you in His heart.

Today as we start the second half imagine this visual as a reminder of how much God cares for you:

11 “He tends his flock like a shepherd: He gathers the lambs in his arms
and carries them close to his heart; he gently leads those that have young.” - Isaiah 40:11

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