Revenge is Mine…

In the 2004 NFL draft, the #1 pick was sure to be star quarterback Eli Manning of Ole Miss. Eli Manning is the son of former Saints quarterback Archie Manning and the brother of Colts Quarterback Peyton Manning. With such a great family pedigree, Eli was to be drafted by the team with the first pick, the San Diego Chargers.

But after meeting with the Chargers general manager, Manning delivered a clear message to the Chargers. “Don't draft me. If you do, I will not play for your team.” Eli's father Archie played for years on the bad New Orleans Saints team, and did not want his son playing for the Chargers because he wanted his son to go to a franchise with a strong prospect of winning. In the draft, general manager A.J. Smith took Manning anyway, then traded him to the Giants for quarterback Philip Rivers -- taken at No. 4 -- and a handful of picks. But the Chargers team, the fans and the whole city still felt slighted by Eli Manning's apparent snub.

Fast forward September 26 th of this year. The New York Giants and Eli Manning met the Chargers in San Diego for a Sunday night game, the very team he slighted. The boos and rude chants came thundering down on Eli Manning from the moment he ran onto the field, rising up every time he lined up under center.

Fans brought signs such as "Hey Eli, Nobody Likes You," "Drew's Your Daddy," and "Daddy's Little Girl," a shot at Manning and his father, Archie.

"I saw my name on a few things," Manning said. "I'm sure they made a good profit on T-shirts and things."

In the front row behind the Chargers' bench, fans pummeled a mannequin that was dressed in Manning's No. 10 jersey and a Giants helmet.

After Manning had to call a timeout early in the second quarter deep in New York territory, the players egged on the crowd. When Donnie Edwards sacked Manning on the next play, fellow linebacker Steve Foley jumped all over Edwards in celebration.

Stashed in Edwards' locker was a T-shirt imprinted with the same phrase fans had been chanting. Edwards said he took Manning's slight personally. "I was born and raised here in San Diego . It's almost like a slap in the face for us. I think a lot of people took it that way," he said.

"I knew it was going to be loud," said Manning. In the end, the San Diego crowd got their revenge as Eli and his Giants lost to San Diego 45-23.

Have you ever been snubbed before? There is surely someone in your life who has wronged you. Do you know someone in your life that you would love to take revenge upon if given the opportunity? Think about it. Is it a co-worker who stabbed you in the back? Is it your boss who mistreated you? Is it that friend who stole money from you? Perhaps it is something worse, like someone who sexually abused, raped, or hurt you so badly that it literally changed your life. Would you take revenge if given the opportunity?

The Bible makes it very clear what God wants you to do in this situation: Romans 12:19 says, “Do not take revenge, my friends, but leave room for God's wrath, for it is written: "It is mine to avenge; I will repay," says the Lord.”

When we take revenge, we forget two ways that God has your back. First, that God promises to repay that person who wronged you and will one day make everything right. Everybody who has ever done wrong will be re-paid perfectly by God, so you don't have to worry about it anymore. But even more importantly, God also promised to take away all of that pain as well, so that you do not have to be affected by it any longer. You may have to wait until you get to heaven until you are completely healed… but one thing is for sure. Sometime between now and heaven the Lord will take away that pain forever.

So in the mean time, what does the Lord wish you to do instead of taking revenge? Forgive. Move on. Let God handle things. He wants you to refrain from taking revenge on somebody and don't let it affect you. God lifts the burden of having to take revenge off of you so that you can rest easy. Just enjoy the good gifts you have in your life and let your Father take care of things. Enjoy the good gifts that He has given you. Move on and show love to others. In doing so, you can enjoy the life that God wants to give you without letting that other person affect you any longer.


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