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    So by now, the news is out on the Magic Kingdom’s new expansion (“Fantasy Forest”) as well as how things are shaping up over at Island of Adventure’s new Harry Potter expansion. Both of these project will incorporate new ideas for how to create an immersive story as well as new technology.

    What parts of these projects do you feel like are really great ideas? Do you feel like there are any missed opportunities? Do you feel like there is anything about these projects that will shape the future of themed attractions?

    Both expansions also add a very concise mix of attractions, stores, etc. They are clearly slanted towards different audiences. If you had the chance to design these expansions, would you choose a different mix of attractions? Are there parts of the stories that you think it is a shame that they aren’t taking advantage of?

    Here’s your chance to speak out about some of the newest designs coming out in the industry… The only other expansion I didn’t mention above is California Adventure’s new overlay and Car’s Land — which is a whole different kettle of fish! But if you would like to group that expansion into the above, go for it! There’s so much going on right now… 😀



    In Harry Potter what is the difference between Charms and Spells? I decided to re-read the Harry Potter series this summer and I would like to know what is the real difference between a charm and a spell. I’ve noticed some spells do have counterspells while Charms usually don’t. So does that mean Charms will simply wear off eventually? It’s really confusing to me.


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    Ok, time to break out the inner nerd.

    A ‘Charm’ is a spell cast on an inanimate object in order to either give it some magical quality, or manipulate it magically, while maintaining it’s basic form intact.

    A ‘Transfiguration’ changes an object from one form to another.

    A ‘Spell’ is a more generic term. Basically anything done with a wand is considered a spell. Charms are a type of spell.



    How would you choose a different mix of attractions?



    That’s funny. I’ve read all of the Harry Potter books, but I still wasn’t entirely sure what exactly was a “charm” and what wasn’t. I guess that I should have paid more attention in “Charms” class! Thanks for explaining it 🙂

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