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    Just checking back in. Things are moving along slowly. My pump for the water came in and I have the trough almost finished. I just need to get the cables fixed so the top goes up and down. So hopefully by the end of this month it will be ready.

    On the home front my wife is down to 2 chemo treatments left then she is all done. YEAH!!!! After tomorrow it will be one. Just in time for summer. I want to thank everyone for the well wishes.

    Keep Smilin’ everyone



    I really am working on this, still. I got “derailed” when I found out the time line of railroads didn’t line up with part of the direction I was going, but it needed to be more simplified anyway. I found some good books to use as reference this last weekend and got a good amount done on the outlining last week. I’ll try to get it done soon.

    If you want to figure out a way to add on some cardboard or wooden wagon wheels, either after arriving at each location or permanently, the “shack” could be a water wagon (that assisted travelers headed West as your group headed East), that would be part of the back story for the water flume.

    I’ll get a more complete story out soon.



    How’s this going on your end? I’ve done a lot more research and got many more notes and ideas. Did you ever get it up and running as a business? And, how’s your wife doing?

    Hope all is well for you and your family.



    Wow it is great to see things back. I missed this place. Well things got to a stand still over the summer with getting it done. Work and finances slowed things down. I hope to get it going again soon. Thanks for not forgetting about it. It has been pretty frustrating to me looking out and seeing not progressing.

    Thanks for asking about my wife. She is doing good. She has the last of her treatments in January. YEAH!!!! We didnt the Koman walk in October which was her one year anniversary of being diagnosted with cancer. It was a incredible and moving weekend. I am so proud of her.



    Good to see people finding it back up and running again.

    Great to hear about your wife.

    I understand about being busy with work. I’ve still been trying to juggle different writing projects and been busier with regular work than ever. I’ll get back to you with more stuff soon.



    So glad to hear about your wife. It’s nice that she can enjoy the holidays and only have to think about making it through one more round. When you have to go through something tough, it’s nice when the end goal is within sight and you just have to get through the last push… Kudos to her — I’m sure going through all of those treatments feels like quite an accomplishment. I hope some good things come to you both in the coming year, so that you can just rest and enjoy time together…

    It seems like everyone has been slowed down lately and there’s not a lot going on for most people because of this economy… but there’s a lot of hope that everything will start rolling again in a matter of months, and there will be more things to work on than time to do them in… Hopefully the pieces will fall together for your project some day when you aren’t looking for it… We look forward to hearing more about your project. But for now, have a wonderful holiday!!



    I agree with what DanicnBelle posted here. Kids love shiny things, and if they would go with their parents in gem mining, maybe it would be nice if you could give them something safe to wear and something to bring so they would not be bored. 😉

    I hope I have helped with you with some of my ideas. have fun!

    Thanks for sharing.




    How are things going with this? Still working on it? I wanted to bring it back to the top of the discussion and see how you are doing. Hope you and your family are well.



    Yep I am kind of working on it. Right now it is parked. Other priorities have been pushed ahead. Thanks for asking. The family is doing good. Kids are growing faster than I want but that happens. I will keep you posted if I get some steam behind it again.



    I like the suggestions here. I’m sure if you follow the suggestions here Chris, your portable gem mining business would be very fun and exciting. 🙂



    It’s been quite a few years now. I didn’t know if this board was even still going. I got side-tracked with personal stuff, especially this last year. I’m trying to get things going again.

    I actually did do a lot of research and notes on this and can send or post them.

    It would be great to see this site active again.


Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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