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    i grew up going to universal studios orlando, when i was little my dad took my sisters and i every weekend, we would run (litterally) from ride to ride. lately i’ve just been a bit dissapointed with them. their getting rid of jaws, which is completely not understandable to me, i just can’t get how someone, or a group, whoever decided this can think to get rid of a complete classic. i’m not the biggest fan of the harry potter thing, i saw it and got to ride the new ride before it was all open, and it was alright, i personally really love architecture and appreciate details in the work of it, so i thought all the scenery was absolutely beautiful. and their going to expand it even more which means they are most likely getting rid of ‘the lost continent’ they haven’t said that yet, but im assuming that’s what will happen since it’s not the most popular. i like the harry potter films, there pretty good, the idea in the park was cool i guess too, but expanding it even more doesn’t seem like the best idea in my eyes. i’m not the smartest person and i believe in making things in parks and stories etc. because i want to, it seems though everyone else’s idea is just to make money. anyway, in 20 or 30 years i don’t really think harry potter is gonna be something people will still be loving, and some not even know what it is. expanding it just seems a bit too far to go, a bit over a quarter of the park will be harry potter themed, kinda annoying, yes universal is gonna make a billion more dollars because of it, which is obviously why their doing it, but i just think it isn’t the best move. i really will miss ‘the lost continent’ area of the park (if that’s what they will be getting rid of’ i remember always going to the talking fountain with my sisters and trying not to get drenched, and i love the scenery and everything, it’s beautiful.

    im sorry this was insanely long, i just wanna know what everyone’s thought’s on this are, and if i’m the only one



    I got rid of a complete classic.



    It was interesting… I was disappointed about Jaws, but I didn’t realize until I was listening to a podcast this week, that Jaws might be the last “classic” attraction that was present in the park’s opening year… According to the rumor mill, Harry Potter may be expanding into the Universal Studios park (where Jaws is currently, and connected via “Hogwarts Express” — a train — to the IOA Potter land). You would definitely expect that an expansion to Harry Potter would expand it into Lost Continent, but that may not be the case. They may be looking to strengthen both parks with the popular film franchise… I understand the decision to close Jaws, but I am a bit bummed that they are losing their classic attractions. When people talk about Magic Kingdom, they talk about the classic rides that they have ridden since they were a child. It seems that, with taking out Jaws, they very much want to keep everything fresh and new. It keeps things fresh, but I think that people will miss having well-worn and long-beloved attractions… It’s a bit bitter-sweet.



    Well, funny enough, just look at how few attractions that people consider ‘classics’ at Disney weren’t present at the original park opening, and how little of the original attractions are still there.

    Haunted Mansion, Space Mountain, Pirates, Matterhorn, It’s a Small World… all came in later years. Really only Fantasyland is anywhere near the original 1955 lineup, but every ride from that era has been drastically redone at least once.


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