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    Ok, time to expose some of my inner nerd on this one. Everyone seems to think of parks and such when it comes to theming, but this was always one of my favorite themed attractions, and I wanted to share it for folks who weren’t aware of it.

    Back in my college days, there were rumors and mutterings about these mystical places out in Chicago and such. The Battletech game centers. Nobody was ever able to offer any proof about them here in NY, and the internet was still too young to be of much help, but the rumors always continued. They were supposedly awesome. Full cockpit simulators, were you could control a ‘mech from the Battletech world. A ‘mech was a 60-100 ton walking tank, essentially. The Battletech license has resulted in a number of great PC games over the years, if you’re interested in learning more.

    Turns out, they were real after all! Eventually, a set of ‘pods’ showed up at a local FEC. You sat in a cockpit, which closed around you. Full function too, every one of the MANY panels inside the cockpit was fully functional. Just check out all the stuff that was inside, and EVERY button was functional. They would link anywhere up to 16 of them together at once, at a single location, for multiplayer only play.


    They were just as awesome as the rumors had led me to believe. Unfortunately, I only got to play twice before the place shut down. But there are about a dozen sites around the country still, and a rabidly active community. New upgrades apparently are going to allow them to play over the internet, instead of just playing against folks at the same location.

    Someday I’ll get to another one. Someday.




    Nice report!

    I’m also wondering about this but never go there, I have mention it during my upcoming trip and I want to try this.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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