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    Ok, the truth is I wasn’t expecting much anyway. After all, the ride was a ‘haunted house’ dark ride that was part of a generic carnival. But I think this is the first time I’ve ever felt like I was actually a victim because I went on it.

    From the outside, it didn’t look too bad. A two story facade that was interestingly painted, and a series of ride cars that enter and exit the ride individually. It was only 4 tickets each, and my 3 year old daughter really wanted to go on it. I was worried about her being scared, not about her being bored.

    We hop on the cart, and in the ride we go. It was about 3pm, and the first impression I got was ‘my god, this is cheap’. I could see daylight coming through the cracks in the walls. Enough light as coming in that I could see the interior structure, the walls, the wiring, the cart track, everything. I could see the touch-ups that had been done on the black paint that covered everything.

    This meant I knew exactly where I was going to be travelling, where I was going to make the turns, and where the scary things were going to jump out. Good thing too, as my daughter just had that really really bored expression on her face. So I could at least point to where something might happen.

    Yeah, except really nothing happened. Every turn you went around had the same head on a stick in a box, they all had a red light which turned on when you went past it. Except that you were already past the un-scary head, and not looking at it anymore, when the light turned on. Did I mention the plain black walls? That was the extent of the ride. Plain black walls, a cart track, and a few dim red bulbs in front of clearance rack rubber masks.

    This was, literally, the most boring ride I’ve ever been on. I make no exaggeration that I have been more scared and entertained by turning off the lights at work, and walking down the hallway. If there was ANY effort made at all, I’d be able to find something to compliment. But the only thing done well with this ride is that they are talented at scamming people into getting on it, because you get nothing for the price of admission.



    lol… I have never been on one of those carnival rides, but I have always wondered. I went on one back when there was an amusement park in Panama Beach, and the main suspense of the ride were the facts that: I was on the ride by myself, the ride was lurching as if it lacked the will to keep moving, and the walls were so close that is was slightly claustrophobic (and I couldn’t help but think: what if someone was back there in the dark?). Too much light definitely ruins a dark ride that isn’t well finished. I guess now I know what the trailer version of the ride is like! Thanks for the report :-p



    Yeah, it was just terrible. I always respect if somebody puts in the effort, but it doesn’t come together well. You can at least tell they tried, and there is almost always something interesting to look at in one way or another.

    But man…. this was just…. I mean….. it was THAT bad.

    It was more exciting when I was back in college and there was a “pot luck” button on the soda machine. The thrill of not knowing if you’ll get root beer, mountain dew, or iced tea.

    I honestly don’t know if I can heap enough scorn on this ride.





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