Eddie –

I would like to contact Joe Lanzisero. Is there anyone who may have his mailing address? I have an idea for a concept/theme for Disney World that I would like to share with him. I don’t want any money. I don’t want to become an Imagineer. I just want him to listen to the idea. If he likes it, I would love no more than the joy of seeing it become a reality. Any suggestions?

Thanks, Edwin

Edwin –

Nothing stops you from calling WDI (818-544-6500) and looking him up. My experience with WDI legal policy is that guys like Joe and I aren’t allowed to listen to Attraction ideas from the outside (free or not.)

There have been issues with people telling us their ideas and later suing WDI as if we had stolen them. In many cases we were already working on something similar, so we out and out stopped hearing suggestions.

Eddie Sotto

CEO Sotto Inc. Former Senior Vice President Walt Disney Imagineering

How can I share my ideas with Disney?

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