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My name is Anthony Preston I have been reading about Eddie and he sound’s just like me. When I was 5 years old I took my first trip to Disney World. I really liked the first thing I saw, which was the Indiana Jones epic stunt spectacular. It really impressed me. I grew up going to Disney world alot, and I wanted to be a theme park owner.

I have been working on theme park ideas since I was six. And now have a great plan. I want to create a theme park called ‘The Secret World’. But it is not so easy for me. I need some professional help. Can you please tell me where I should start?

Thanks – Anthony

Anthony – This is a tough question. Companies like ITEC Productions usually design and create based on a client that has funding or financing to execute or they flesh an idea out in order to go get further seed money to construct their park. In your case it seems to me that you need to articulate your vision first and then determine the fiscal feasibility with someone with the dough to bring it to reality.

My realistic side says that you develop your idea into a credible, logical state and use it as a portfolio piece to get in the door at a design firm or a park. Then you can hammer away at them to fund your vision while doing their bidding on other things. It seems like a high risk long shot to just hope that you’ll find an avenue to execute your vision in the near term. So my suggestion is to use it as a means of getting into the industry with the hope that it may fit into a later strategy of realizing your dreams.

– Eddie Sotto

CEO Sotto Inc. Former Senior Vice President Walt Disney Imagineering

How do I make my theme park idea a reality?

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