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Theme Park Design 101

Introduction to Theme Park Design:
Defining terms

Part One: "Immersive Environments"

Part Two: "Attention to Details, What's the Difference?"

Part Three: "Cliches`and the Sixth Sense"

Part Four: The Sliced Onion technique
How to theme a space.

Part Five:
Fantasy - The Essence of Themed Entertainment

Part Six - Writing the Show Concept


Insights from the Leaders in Themed Entertainment

Fear Minus Death = Fun! Exclusive interview with Imagineer Eddie Sotto

Eddie Sotto: Exclusive interview, part one

Eddie Sotto: Exclusive Interview, Part Two

Eddie Sotto: Exclusive Interview, Part Three

Eddie Sotto: Exclusive Interview, Part Four:

Theme Park Master Planning
by Peter Alexander; 
President. Totally Fun Company

  1. The Numbers Game
  2. The Theme
  3. Park Layout
  4. Attraction Mix

Wait Times
A Budgetary Necessity

Online Theme Park Class
Theme park guru Steve Alcorn's

Theme Design vs Architecture
By Peter Alexander; President, Totally Fun Company.

Interview Part #1. Interview Part #2
Eddie Sotto: Former Walt Disney Imagineering Vice President 

John Wood; CEO of the Sally Corporation

Mickey's Ten Commandments
Marty Sklar; President, Walt Disney Imagineering: 

The Coming Revolution in Themed Entertainment
Bob Rogers; Chairman, BRC Imagination Arts

An Attraction Designer Explores Universal Studios Islands of Adventure
Adam M. Berger; Show Writer.

Theme Park ride show control
Tom Soranno, Show Control Engineer.  ITEC Productions 

Thesis & Dissertation

Authenticity vs Staged Experiences

How is a new themed attraction generated within the theme park industry? 
by Lynsey Brown:

Theming the Thrills by RJ Cumberworth

  1. Introduction
  2. Theme Parks & Leisure Stimulation
  3. Theming the Thrills
  4. Theming the Industry
  5. The Future

Alternatives to lines at theme parks
by Will Wiess

Comprehensive Theme Park Attraction Design

The Image Board
How to develop a theme from scratch.

The Mass Model
An essential for space planning and site development.

Using Artificial Trees and Silk Plants
by Brett Peterson of Commercial Silk Int'l.

Visit our resource directory
A comprehensive listing of theme park companies, web sites, magazines and more related to theme park design and imagineering.

Designer's Toolchest - Essentials for 'Imagineers'

The Blue Pencil
How they are used in attraction development.

AutoCad -
The industry standard

Adobe Photoshop
The artists' new canvas

3-D rendering made simple

Marker sets

Answers from Disney Imagineers & Theme Park Design Professionals

How do I put my ideas into tangible form?
Imagineer Eddie Sotto - Sotto Inc

How do I protect my intellectual property?
Imagineer Eddie Sotto

What is WDI looking for when you apply to be an Imagineer?
Imagineer Eddie Sotto - Sotto Inc.

How do they put the fiber optic lighting into the concrete at EPCOT?
Nate Naversen / Universal Creative & Universal Studios

How do they create the faux rockwork at Disney?
Jeff Burton - ITEC Productions

I have an idea I would like to share with Disney. How do I do this?
Imagineer Eddie Sotto

Why are walk-through attractions not more appealing?
Imagineer Eddie Sotto

How is math used in ride Imagineering?
Imagineer Eddie Sotto

Who comes up with the idea behind a ride?
Imagineer Eddie Sotto

I wish to design a theme park: Where should I start?
Imagineer Eddie Sotto

Confessions of an Attraction Show Writer
Show Writer & Attraction Developer Adam Berger

Once an attraction is opened, who is responsible for the upkeep?
Imagineer Eddie Sotto

From Back Stage

Tales from the Disney World Jungle Cruise

Candid Tales from Pirates of the Caribbean

Opening Day at Magic Kingdom Jungle Cruise
Interview with theme park designer Terry Speicher

Theme Park Imagineering


Our Imagineering Resources & Insights

Universal Studios Art & Design
A theme park design test lab.

Trolley Parks
America's First Amusement Parks

Learning from your Mistakes
A Life Lesson from Disney

Earning My Ears
How I got my first job with the Disney Company; by Nate Naversen.

13 Steps to a Career in Theme Park Design
by Nate Naversen

Transform your business with Contagious Service

Theme Park Imagineering Career Center

Tales from the Jungle Cruise
O.J. Simpson
visits the Jungle Cruise

Other writings by Nate

All about Roller Coasters
by the International Association of Amusement Parks & Attractions (IAAPA).

Disney Theme Park Development Masters

Of the tens of thousands of artists and craftsmen who have ever helped Walt Disney realize his dreams for the future, a few stand out. Walt Disney


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