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PostPosted: Sun Jul 28, 2013 1:51 am    Post subject: 少妇冒充高 Reply with quote

Because I do not have the money Looper,[url=]karen millen[/url], Sun Ying has been wondering how to get some extra money flower. At the moment, see Zhao Yi more likely to trust their own, she reckoned the time is up, the one on the fictional ex-boyfriend. Sun Ying told Zhao Yi,[url=]moncler[/url], before him, he still talked about an object,[url=]hogan sparpe[/url], the man loved her, in her paid for. But I do not feel anything for him always, two people certainly can not be together, Sun Ying pretended that she had been made to break up, but unfortunately he was ex-boyfriend constantly struggle,[url=]herve leger[/url], I just want to spend money to settle seventy-eight one thousand it may take a little while no money on hand. Zhao Yi which know one of fraud, to hear Sun Yings help, he did not hesitate to sink into their bank account in 7000 dollars.
Single young woman pretended dialed the wrong girl
Originally thing on this end. May be this year, Guo Hua and Zhao Yi finally see above the side. Zhao Yi knew,[url=]hogan scarpe[/url], Sun Ying does not have any senior cadres of the background, he has been fooled by her, can not be reconciled apart, reported the matter to the police. Recently, Sun Ying suspicion of fraud prosecution by basaltic review of arrest. (Paper party pseudonym)
Lowdown boyfriend alarm
Guo Hua aside anxious, how to do? He can think,[url=]karen millen dress[/url], really found a way. He put himself and Sun Ying wedding photo by MMS sent to Zhao Yi mobile phone. Zhao Yi received,[url=]louboutin[/url], again questioned Sun Ying knot in the end did not get married. Sun Ying mind is turning fast enough, she still killed it was ex-boyfriend masterpiece,[url=]hogan[/url], the photograph of the man was ex-boyfriend, the other with PS synthesis technology, get a counterfeit wedding, destination or alienate them feelings.
Morning News wrongly dialed a phone, but a windfall a dating opportunities, the young woman Sun Ying the wrong, his own packaged into single children of cadres, the boyfriend Zhao Yi fool round and round, until her husband noticed ......
On the other hand, Sun Ying sometimes night out, has caused her husband Guo Hua vigilance. One night, Guo Hua secretly viewed wifes cell phone and found one from the frequent calls, so call in the past, asked each other,[url=]louboutin[/url], and what is the relationship Sun Ying. Zhao Yi received a phone call,[url=]moncler outlet[/url], and Im suddenly, Guo Hua then bluntly told him that he was the husband of Sun Ying and Sun Ying and already have a one year old child, and made interviews to keep Zhao Yi, Zhao Yi was rejected .
Zhao Yi dubious,[url=]hogan outlet[/url], not sure. At this time, Sun Ying has gradually premonition, this crazy things, and perhaps soon exposure, now better get rid of Zhao Yi. Soon, call Sun Ying Zhao Yi,[url=]hollister[/url], frighten him that he had just found pregnant with twins, at the moment in the hospital, my father, my brother by his side, so Zhao Yi to the hospital to confirm the true and false. Zhao Yi one, too scared to come, this betrayal came up with the scandal, which the nerve to see the Sun Yings senior cadres of the fathers mean!
Husband noticed frequently offer rejected
Author: Yu Tao Tao beam / Source: Nanjing Morning News
Sun Ying, aged 23 years old, married, has one child aged more. With a youthful face and tall figure, who do not know, really do not see that she was a young woman. Earlier this year, Sun Ying phone inadvertently dialed a wrong number,[url=]hollister france[/url], a strange man connected to the phone. Two strangers, speaking nothing but polite, so they come to me to chat you up. Lonely Sun Ying put himself became a single girl, strange man very enthusiastic and actively to colleagues Zhao Yi introduced to her as an object, Sun Ying cheerfully agreed.
Meet new boyfriend to 7,000 yuan to get rid of ex-boyfriend
Soon, Zhao Yi Sun Ying touch on and on,[url=]air jordan[/url], and this is a more than 20-year-old young man, surrounded by no girlfriend. Met, both introduced herself. Zhao Yi Yiwuyishi did not say imaginary,[url=]herve leger[/url], can Sun Ying Otherwise, she gushed blow themselves become children of senior cadres: senior military officer father, the mother is the hospital leadership, brother Intermediate Peoples Court judges, in their own troops Publications in when editing. Such favorable family conditions, so Zhao Yili that admiration for her, impression doubled. They began to establish a relationship and frequent appointments, during which there are several together overnight.
Zhao Yi confused, call Sun Ying confirmation. Sun Ying worry scam brought to light, thought of a turn, assures told Zhao Yi, the caller is his own man, former boyfriend,[url=]hollister france[/url], he is jealous of his new relationship with deliberately to destroy the two feelings. Sun Ying asked Zhao Yi, after Do not take this mans harassing phone calls. In this regard, Zhao Yi convinced. After repeatedly phoned Guo Hua,[url=]abercrombie[/url], Zhao Yi is either not connected, or connected to the then hang up.


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