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sac louis vuitton,vente echarpe louis vuitton

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PostPosted: Thu Feb 21, 2013 4:10 am    Post subject: sac louis vuitton,vente echarpe louis vuitton Reply with quote

Style= font-size:14px ; > &nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;appreciate the Phoenix TV emcee Xing Sheng accepts reporter when the interview said that this sentence: a man of the highest taste is the woman of his choice .
A man ,car ,lighter ,suit ,of course, can become a part of his tastes ,but the most essential ,most real representation of a man of taste was the selection of what kind of woman .To choose what kind of woman is to choose what kind of life .
As the saying goes ,male fear into the wrong line ,afraid of marrying the wrong woman Lang ,the man did not .Write Caigen Tan Hong Yingming said the shrew or bad,[url=]louis vuitton sac[/url], really not deafness also ! Concentrated evil not light for a long time, marriage is such .
The writer Shakespeare wrote many wonderful life drama ,but his marriage was no romantic .Because he knew that marriage road hard ,a better understanding of life would love .People live this life ,what we have to ?Really need is a good mentality and leisurely mood .
Only the family harmony ,mentality health ,have comfortable conditions .Like to marry a good woman ,can give a man the leisurely mood .Then ,how should marry a woman can be the highest taste ?&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;1 ,a woman is the most important quality is good, and the good filial piety for the first .
The world does not know how many poor man by his wife and their own between the monkey in the middle ?In fact, handle the elders and the relationship is not a word so simple ,there are many skills and character problems .
&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;2 ,virtuous, this is the eternal feminine virtue .Say a bit more specific ,is to be able to cook ,laundry ,take care of my family .Even the rich family nanny ,also need a hostess to her care of everything .
&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;3 ,educated .This is a new era of women with the requirements .A woman temperament and parenting is a rich inner revealing,[url=]pas cher louis vuitton[/url], but also with a fair way of being so .
&nbsp ;&nbsp ;4 ,ideological, grade .Have thought that she disdains to join others gossip ,she is never a insulator .A grade ,so she could have great originality to express their own style .
&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;5 ,sensible ,[url=]louis vuitton sac[/url].For the man the most important is the dignity ,she can at home and attacked me, but not in public satire ,laugh at me .A don her husband the dignity of woman ,is a foolish woman ,[url=]louis vuitton[/url].
6 ,full trust ,relatively free .Love actually is a human instinct ,who also can not guarantee the life only to have a crush on someone .Advise all will be married woman learn medical psychology ,fully understand her husband love in pictorial ,webpage on the beauty of the hobby ,not because these subconscious behavior and carp ,or marriage to death .
He wants to spend a moment alone ,not to ask why but smash mouth ,should give a cup of tea ,closed the door quietly enough .&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;&nbsp ;7 ,have a stable job and income .
Do not depend on the man woman to achieve independence ,[url=]louis vuitton[/url],self-esteem .Agree with .8 ,have no more desire for material .I hope my wife is one of those BMW car to sit ,bicycles can also ride ,five Stars Hotel live ,camping tent also do not abandon, eat bitter ,leading to human .
9 ,have a good living habits .Smoking ,drinking ,all through the night of eating binge will happen to her ,she will not to bars ,nightclubs to kill time .She know your values are not pleasing heterosexual ,so take the initiative and cormorant which mechanical thumb Yu ǎ�.
Convex training Mou pan eggplant seed Ge shout ?/span&gt ;10 ,have a bit childish innocence .If a man really loved a woman ,he should maximize the care of her innocence .Lost children of woman ,can let the long boring four eye ,an endless enjoyment .
11 ,like reading and music .Love reading is not to see what the brightly coloured fashion magazines like music ,also not forget after heard pop ditty .Classic books and music can let the years and the trivial in life not branded traces in her mind .
In 12 ,[url=]trousse de maquillage lv[/url],working capability is strong ,have proficiency in a particular line .Woman at work obviously do not have much time to be suspicious .Have proficiency in a particular line would make her as a pleasurable occupation ,good emotional control .
As long as there is a certain talent and hard work, this is not a problem .It is to have an education talent ,can teach their children well ,seems to be more important .13 ,don too good, is the key support from each other to the old .
14 ,physical health ,and know a way of keeping good health and basic medical knowledge ,[url=]pas cher louis vuitton[/url].In 15 ,a little romance .Marriage is a color ,living ,news of the world, it is hard to imagine that do not have a romantic ,do not have fun woman is a good wife ,[url=]pas cher louis vuitton[/url].
The above 15 criteria ,[url=]sac louis vuitton[/url],should be complete .Have such a woman ,even if the sun and moon and stars are cold, the mountains vegetation are exhausted ,marriage light can in the memory of the first ,before any visible and unknown corner ,warm burning ,[url=]porte monnaie louis vuitton zippy[/url].
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