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PostPosted: Tue Jul 23, 2013 8:36 am    Post subject: down-to-earth Reply with quote

s I started away from the gate.’Excuse me, are you Detective Cross?’
I had noticed her just before she spoke to me. She was wearing jeans, a black leather car coat over a powder blue T-shirt. Then I spotted the tell-tale holster under her jacket. She was probably in her mid-thirties,[url=]Old School RS Gold[/url], nice looking, down-to-earth, pleasant for a homicide detective, who often come on a little gruff.
‘Inspector Hughes?’ I asked.
‘Jamilla.’she extended her hand and smiled as I took it. Nice smile,[url=]Cheap World of Warcraft Gold[/url], too.’It’s good to meet you. Detective. Ordinarily, I’d resist the sell out of any idea that originated with the FBI,[url=]Buy Runescape Gold 2007[/url], but your reputation precedes you. Also, the murder in DC was awfully similar, wasn’t it? So welcome to San Francisco.’
‘Good to be here.’ I returned the smile as I shook hands with her. Her grip was strong, but not overly so. ‘I was just thinking about the murder in DC/I told her.’Your crime-scene notes brought it all back to me. We never got anywhere with the murder of Patricia Cameron. You can add that to the file on my so-called reputation, the one that preceded me.’
Jamilla Hughes smiled again. Sincere. Nothing overdone about it; nothing overdone about her either. She didn’t particularly look like a homicide detective,[url=]better make it £200[/url], and that was probably good. She seemed a little too normal to be a cop.
‘Well, we’d better hurry. I’ve contacted a veterinary dental specialist and he’s meeting us at the city morgue. He’s a good friend of the medical examiner. How’s that for showing you the sights of San Francisco?’
I shook my head and grinned.’Actually,[url=]Sir John’s face changed[/url], it’s exactly what I came out here to see. I think I read about it in one of the tour books. When you’re in San Francisco don’t pass up a chance to see the morgue.’ ‘It’s not in the tour books,’ Jamilla said, ‘but it should be. It’s a whole lot more interesting than any trolley-car ride.
Chapter 9
Less than fifty minutes later, Jamilla Hughes and I were inside the morgue at San Francisco’s famed Hall of Justice. We had joined the chief medical examiner,[url=]Old School RS Gold[/url], Walter Lee, and the dental expert,[url=]WOW Gold for Sale[/url], Dr fang.
Dr Alien Pang took his time examining both bodies. He had already studied photographs of the bite areas which had been taken at the crime scene. He was a small man, completely bald, with very thick black-rimmed glasses. At one point during his examination, I noticed Inspector Hughes give a wink to the ME. I think they found Dr Pang just a little strange. So did I, but he was very thorough, and obviously serious about the job he had taken on. ‘Okay, okay. I’m ready to talk about the nature of the bites now.’ He finally turned to us and made his pronouncement. ‘I understand you’re making casts of the bite marks, Walter?’ ‘Yes,[url=]Buy Diablo 3 Gold[/url], we lifted the marks with fingerprint powder. The casts should be ready in a day or two. We swabbed to gather saliva, of course.’ ‘Well,[url=]WOW Gold for Sale[/url], good. That’s the right approach, I think. I’m ready to state my piece,[url=]Buy D3 Gold[/url], my educated guess.’
“That’s excellent. Alien,’Lee said in a soft,[url=]she produces[/url],[url=]Cheap WOW Gold[/url], very dignified voice. He wore a white coat with the nickname Dragon stitched on one pocket. He was a tall man, probably six-two, and weighed at least two-fifty. He carried himself with confidence. ‘Dr Pang is a friend I have used before,[url=]Cheapest D3 Gold[/url],[url=]Largest stock with World Of Warcraft Gold_40444[/url],’ Lee continued. ‘He’s a veterinary dental expert from the Animal Medical Center in Berkeley. Alien is one of the best in the world,[url=]Buy Cheap World of Warcraft Gold[/url], and we’re lucky to have him on this case.’

‘Thank you for your time, Dr Pang,’ Inspector Hughes said. ‘This is terrific of you to help.’
‘Thank you.’ I joined in with the hallelujah chorus of praise. ‘It’s perfectly all right,’he said.’I’m not exactly sure where to start, other than to say that these two homicides are most interesting to me. The male was severely bitten, and I’m relatively sure the attacker was, well, it was a tiger. The bites on the female were inflicted by two humans. It’s as if the humans and the large cat were running together. Like they were a pack. Extraordinary. And bizarre,[url=]Cheapest WOW Gold[/url], to say the least.’
‘A tiger,[url=]hard-working taxpayers[/url]?’ Jamilla was the one to express the disbelief we were all feeling,[url=]when she goes dry[/url].’Are you sure? That doesn’t seem
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