Just a few hours ago I met my first Imagineer at (believe it or not) an AIAA convention. He was discussing the F-22 and just happened to mention that he was hired by WDI as an engineer, and since then I have been looking at Imagineering sites and stumbled upon this one. I am in such awe of Imagineers because they create fantasy. Fantasy, to me, is something unbound and exaggerated, and an Imagineer's main job is to bring it to life. How? I have often heard that a dreamer is no good unless he brings it into reality. How do you make that first step from dreaming about a flooded ghost town to actually realizing it? (If this makes no sense, just ignore it.) What is WDI looking for when you apply to be an Imagineer?

-David Howe

Well, now you meet your second imagineer! To answer your question about how to realize your ideas, it takes many things. Timing your idea to the needs of the client, the talent to execute it and initailly pitch its excitement and thrill long before it is realized, (Get the money...) and the team to carry the torch all the way to the finish line.

Second, Imagineering isn't the only place to do this, I started at other parks and in other roles to get my stuff made. Disney isn't always the best place to start. In my interview it outlines a different path. I came in with experience and at a higher level. Follow your passions and let them tell you where and when to start. Find out what you are best at and do that, the public will follow.

- Eddie Sotto

CEO Sotto Inc.
Former Senior Vice President
Walt Disney Imagineering


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